Das Wimmer-Ross - Wahrzeichen der Pferdestadt Pfarrkirchen
Siegerfoto des 2. Rottaler-Schach-Opens 2019 mit Turniersieger GM Petr Haba (Erfurter SK, Mitte)
Rottauensee Postmünster
2. Rottaler Schach-Open 2018: GM Petr Haba (Erfurter SK, links) gegen Martin Ganic (SC Ortenburg)
Stadthalle Pfarrkirchen
2. Rottaler Schach-Open 2018: GM Viesturs Meijers (ESV Nickelhütte Aue, links) gegen FM Kirill Burda...
Trabrennbahn / Trotting Course Pfarrkirchen
Wallfahrtskirche Gartlberg

Already in the third round there was a grandmaster final between Haba and the two-time senior world champion Vladimir Okhotnik (2367 / France), which ended in a draw. Both moved their pieces successfully on their own and were already uncatchable two rounds before the end. The pursuers took only the points away each other: Karl-Heinz Jergler (Chess Club Rottal) made third place with 4.0 points and 2.5 points behind the winners. With four points, pursuers Klaus Schwarzmeier and Roland Posch (Chess Club Rottal-Inn) came in fourth and fifth. The number three seeded local hero Martin Riediger quarreled with the chess goddess Caissa: The 48-year-old Fide master from Pfarrkirchen lost against the two grandmasters and drew against three nominally equal opponents. That left him 3.5 points and 8th place in the final standings. With 2.5 points in the strong field, the ten-year old chess prodigy Kush Bhagat from India finished only as 14th from 18 participants. The brain gamers played seven rounds according to the Swiss system, in which always players with equal points play against each other. They had 90 minutes for 40 moves, 30 for the rest of the game and 30 seconds increment for each turn at their disposal. A game can last for over five hours.
Final standings Open A (18 participants, over ELO 1800 / 7 rounds):
1. GM Petr Haba (CZ / Erfurter SK) 6.5 / 25.5 / 22.5; 2. GM Vladimir Okhotnik (FRA) 6.5 / 25.5 / 22.25; 3. Karl-Heinz Jergler 4.0 / 28.0; 4. Klaus Schwarzmeier 4.0 / 26.5; 5. Roland Posch (all Chess Club Rottal-Inn) 4.0 / 25.0; 6. Abishek Deshande (India) 4.0 / 23.5; 7. Uwe Kleibel (SC Ortenburg) 3.5 / 28.0; 8. FM Martin Riediger (SC Rottal-Inn) 3.5 / 27.0; 9. Leon Fanninger (Mozart Salzburg / AUT) 3.5 / 24.0; 10. Manfred Kühn (GER) 3,5 / 22,0. Special prizes: best player below ELO 2000: Abishek Deshande (India), best junior player (U18): Leon Fanninger (AUT), best senior player: Prof. Dr. Johannes Grabmeier (SV Deggendorf) 3,0.
Moritz Bigalke (SC Kirchheim / Teck) won the Open B (30 participants) with 5.5 points out of seven rounds. Dieter Radek (SV Reutlingen) came in second, just ahead of Christa Hackbarth (SC Rottal-Inn / AUT) with 5.0 points.
Final standings Open B (30 participants, below ELO 1900, 7 rounds):
1. Moritz Bigalke (SC Kirchheim / Teck) 5.5 / 26.5; 2. Dieter Radek (SV Reutlingen) 5.0 / 27.5; 3. Christa Hackbarth (SC Rottal-Inn / AUT) 5.0 / 27.0; 4. Oliver Edelmann (SK Gräfelfing) 5.0 / 26.5; 5. Matthias Krekel (SV Würzburg) 5.0 / 25.5; 6. Horst Spielberger (SC Ismanning) 4,5 / 25,5 / 17; 7. Rudolf Ring (SV Steyregg) 4,5 / 25,5 / 16; 8. Hubert Beutel (SK Passau) 4,5 / 21,5; 9. Manfred Nees (SK Lahr) 4,5 / 19,5; 10. Anto Deno (SC Rottal-Inn / CRO) 4.0 / 25.5.
Special prizes: best player below ELO 1700: Manfred Nees; best player below ELO 1500: Johann Kappler (SV Hörsching), best female player: Eva-Maria Kainz (SC Rottal-Inn), best senior player: Horst Spielberger, best junior player: Oliver Edelmann.
In the blitz tournament on friday evening, GM Vladimir Okhotnik was in front. The 69-year-old Ukrainian with eligibility to start for France won with 9.0 points from 11 rounds and 76.5 Buchholz tiebreak, tied with B.N.B. Pavan (India) 9,0/71. Roland Posch (SC Rottal-Inn / AUT) took third place with 8.5 and 76.5 Buchholz tiebreak. 4. Kush Bhagat 7.0 / 78; 5. Klaus Schwarzmeier 7.0 / 76.5 6. Jürgen Bichlmeier (both SC Rottal-Inn) 7.0 / 72.5; 7. Leon Fanninger (AUT) 7.0 / 68.5; 8. Helmut Stöhr (TV Altötting) 7.0 / 68.0; 9. Martin Metodiev (SC Erlangen) 7.0 / 64.5; 10. Andreas Nöhbauer (SC Rottal-Inn) 6.5 / 66.5.
On Wednesday, Pfarrkirchens mayor Wolfgang Beißmann and deputy district administrator Edeltraud Plattner (on behalf of patron district administrator Michael Fahmueller) opened the Rottal Chess Open. In her welcoming speech, Edeltraud Plattner reminded that chess is the fastest game in the world. The physicist Albert Einstein had expressed this idea, because in the Royal Game thousands of thoughts must be arranged in every second, according to the deputy district administrator in her speech. She wished the brain gamers that they always make the correct move and a good stay in the Rottal. At the opening ceremony, organizer Patrick Bensch from Chess Club Rottal-Inn had welcomed the chess players in the Pfarrkirchner city hall bilingually. "It is not often that participants from seven nations take part in a sports event in the district town," said Bensch. He thanked the sponsors district of Rottal-Inn, city of Pfarrkirchen, Universoft GmbH (Regensburg), Schach Niggemann and ChessBase GmbH (Hamburg).

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