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Siegerfoto des 2. Rottaler-Schach-Opens 2019 mit Turniersieger GM Petr Haba (Erfurter SK, Mitte)
2. Rottaler Schach-Open 2018: GM Petr Haba (Erfurter SK, links) gegen Martin Ganic (SC Ortenburg)
2. Rottaler Schach-Open 2018: GM Viesturs Meijers (ESV Nickelhütte Aue, links) gegen FM Kirill Burda...

GM Petr Haba (Grieskirchen/Schallerbach) repeats victory on Rottal chess boards

Last year's winner with 5.5 points from seven rounds just after tiebreak in front of GM colleague Viesturs Meijers (Latvia) / 62 brain athletes, including five women and girls, from eight nations were at the start from Good Friday to Easter Monday / IM Christoph Singer (Grieskirchen) in fourth place / Best Austrian: Roland Posch (Linz) in 8th place

Pfarrkirchen / Linz (jk) - Grandmaster Petr Haba has repeated his success at the Rottal Chess Open. The 52-year-old Czech chess professional (ELO 2441), who plays in the Austrian Bundesliga on board one for the SV Sparkasse Grieskirchen / Bad Schallerbach, decided the tournament with 5.5 points from 7 games and 35.0 Buchholz tiebreak points in his favour. Grandmaster colleague Viesturs Meijers (Latvia / ELO 2472) finished second with 32.5 tiebreak points. Also 5.5 points scored the third placed Fide Master Kirill Burdalev (CZ, 32.0 BH), fourth Dr. Rainer Pappenheim (SC Starnberg, 31.5 BH) and fifth Artem Omelja (Ukraine, 28.5). At the second edition of the tournament, 62 brain athletes (including five women and girls) from eight nations were at the start in the Hall of Workers' Welfare (AWO) in the Lower Bavarian Pfarrkirchen (LK Rottal-Inn) from Good Friday to Easter Monday.

GM Viesturs Meijers (Latvia) made the best start with four wins in a row on the first two days of the tournament.
GM Haba drew with his compatriot Fide-Master GM Kirill Burdalev in the fourth round, while Meijers defeated Bosnian Fide-Master Alman Durakovic. The Grandmaster's encounter ended peacefully in the fifth round. In the sixth round Haba drew against IM Christoph Singer (Bayern Munich), Meijers against the eventual third Kirill Burdalev. In the last round, the 27-year-old Czech was satisfied with a draw against Artem Omelja (UKR). GM Meijers could not get beyond a draw against the International Master Christoph Singer (Grieskirchen / Bad Schallerbach). Singer finished 6th in the final ranking. Last year's winner Haba made everything clear with a victory over Martin Ganic (SC Ortenburg) and secured the first place having the best Buchholz tiebreak of all five players who scored 5.5 points.

The best "real" Austrian participant was Roland Posch from Linz. The 42-year-old brain athlete, who plays for the host SC Rottal-Inn in the Bavarian Landesliga Süd, came in 8th with 5.0 points out of seven rounds. With an ELO of 2106 Posch was seeded in 12th place and left with a strong appearance nominal favorites behind.

Final ranking: 1. GM Petr Haba (Grieskirchen / Bad Schallerbach / CZ) 5.5 pts from seven games 35.0 Buchholz tiebreak; 2. GM Viesturs Meijers (Latvia) 5.5 / 32.5; 3. FM Kirill Burdalev (CZ) 5.5 / 32.0; 4. Dr. Rainer Pappenheim (Starnberg / GER) 5.5 / 31.4; 5. Artem Omelja (Ukraine) 5.5 / 28.5; 6. IM Christoph Singer (Grieskirchen / Bad Schallerbach / GER) 5.0 / 30.5; 7. Reiner Huch (TSV Trostberg) 5.0 / 28 / 19.25; 8. Roland Posch (SC Rottal-Inn / AUT) 5.0 / 28.0 / 18.5; 9. Martin Metodiev (SC Erlangen) 4,5 / 27,5 / 16; 10. Martin Ganic (SC Ortenburg) 4,5 / 27,5 / 15,5; 16. Gerhard Spiesberger (SC Rottal-Inn / AUT) 4.5 / 21.0; Special prizes: Best youth player under 18: Kata Vicze (Ranshofen), best senior over 60: Karl-Heinz Jergler (SC Rottal-Inn), best with rating under ELO 1600: Dieter Markgraf (SC Sulzbach-Rosenberg); best under ELO 1800: Chulian Neuwerth (SV Röhrnbach)

As part of the award ceremony, deputy district administrator Kurt Vallée handed over a pewter plate from the district to the winner on behalf of the patron, district administrator Landrat Michael Fahmüller. Deputy mayor Franziska Wenzl conveyed the greetings of Pfarrkirchen's mayor Wolfgang Beißmann. Patrick Bensch, chairman of the organizing chess club Rottal-Inn, was satisfied with the progress of the tournament and is already planning for the next year. "We want to give the local chess players the chance to compete with international aces", so the intention of the organizer. As a arbiter, Simon Staudinger (Deggendorf) did an outstanding job in the seven-round tournament in just four days.

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